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Academic Composition classes scheduled Jan 2-5


All classes this week in Auditorium

  Work on project, format in Word Work on project Test #2 over process writing
Class A 

Monday 0805-0850

Wednesday 0805-0850
Thursday 1035-1120
Class B  Monday 0805-0850

Wednesday 0805-0850 

Thursday 1035-1120
Class C  Monday 0805-0850
Wednesday 0805-0850 
Thursday 1035-1120
Class D  Monday 0805-0850
Wednesday 0805-0850 
Thursday 1035-1120



Week 7: Jan 2 to Jan 5 


This week you will complete your description of a process

You will also learn

  • basic formatting in Word 
  • blogging using http://blogger.com (log in using your Google ID) 


You should by now have written a 4-paragraph essay about  your adventure training, including a conclusion after the paragraph where you described how to do something you learned. 


Your teacher has MARKED your work according to what you have done in class so far.  


You will meet in the Auditorium on Monday Jan 2.  You should bring your laptop there.

  1. You can continue to work on your project.  
    1. Correct your work according to feedback given by your teacher
    2. When you have completed the Google Doc part, get your instructions for formatting in Word and paste your work into a Word Document formatted as in the model here:
      sample Word document
  2. Everyone will receive instructions for formatting in class this week. 
    By the end of this week you will receive your mark for Phase 1


Instructions for your project

The final essay will be at least 200 words and in four paragraphs, where you:

  1. Explain in general about adventure training
  2. Explain in general your experience there
  3. Describe how someone else might do something you learned how to do there 
    1. Find on the Internet a website that shows pictures of what you are trying to explain
    2. Illustrate your work with 2 to 5 pictures from the Internet
    3. Attribute the photos and references (show exactly where you got them) 
  4. Write a conclusion paragraph (at least 2 sentences)
  5. When your Google Doc has been completed paste your completed work (4 paragraphs and 2 pictures with credits) into a Word document
    1. Use these instructions for formatting - download the instructions  
    2. Email your work in a Word attachment to vstevens@hct.ac.ae
  6. The final step (after next week) will be to create your own blog and publish your work there 


Components to help you complete this assignment:

  1. Model paragraph (FIND the process markers in the process paragraphs)
    1. How to check your SCUBA equipment - download sample Word document
    2. http://leo.stcloudstate.edu/acadwrite/process.html
  2. Directions for how to proceed with this assignment are at the wiki portal.
  3. A template for formatting in Word - download the instructions from the wiki portal
  4. Marking for this assignment


First phase: Marking for FOUR paragraphs in Google Docs





6 Wrote on topic of shaheen in general (6 points)
6 Wrote at least 3 sentences (6 points)
5 The paragraph has a good topic sentence (5 points)
5 The mistakes in the paragraph have been corrected (5 points)
6 Wrote  about your experience (6 points)
6 Wrote at least 3 sentences (6 points)
5 The paragraph has a good topic sentence (5 points)
5 The mistakes in the paragraph have been corrected (5 points)
6 Wrote about steps to a process (6 points)
6 Wrote at least 3 sentences with steps to a process (6 points)
5 The paragraph has a good topic sentence (5 points)
5 The mistakes in the paragraph have been corrected (5 points)
6 Wrote a conclusion (6 points)
6 Wrote at least 2 sentences in a conclusion (6 points)
5 The paragraph has a good topic sentence (5 points)
5 The mistakes in the paragraph have been corrected (5 points)
4 Indented all paragraphs (4 points)
4 Inserted two pictures from the Internet (4 points)
4 Included picture credits (4 points)
100 Total (so far, you can work on it until Thu Dec 29)

Download a copy of this marking scheme



Phase 2: Your correctly formatted Word document submitted in email to vstevens@hct.ac.ae


For work you did before on this, 

See Weeks 4-5

See Weeks 5-7

Download the instructions for formatting in Word here


Upcoming Assessments


  • Dec 26 –29 - 
    You have an intermediate grade on 
    work done on your Adventure essay so far.
    This is to gauge your class participation during month of December

  • Jan 2-4 - (You can submit this during the week of Jan 8-12
    Final grade on Adventure essay next week – 
    Paste the text and pictures to a WORD document
    and email the attachment to vstevens@hct.ac.ae

  • Thursday Jan 5
    Writing test in auditorium on process writing

  • Jan 8-12
    publish your essay on the Internet using Blogger



Your Academic Composition Essay test #2 Jan 5 (auditorium)

Directions and marking for test #2 are same as for test #1

Except that you will be asked to write on paragraph on HOW you do something, it's steps or process.


You were asked to write an essay of at least 150 words, two paragraphs, similar to those you have written so far in Academic Composition 


You will be marked on:

  1. Paragraph format (indent 5 spaces)
  2. Correct grammar and capitalization
  3. Spelling (you can use a dictionary, but not computers) 
  4. Good topic sentences
  5. Appropriate paragraphs for the subject assigned 
  6. Each paragraph has at least 3 sentences (topic sentence, support details, and / or conclusion). 
    6 good sentences will earn you a C on this test; more might result in higher marks (A or B) 


See the marking rubric for this exam 





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