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Weeks 4-5 Dec 4 to Dec 12


In these 2 weeks you will learn how to describe a process

Next week you will learn

  • basic formatting in Word 


In early December you went to adventure training.  This week you will write about it, including a paragraph where you describe how to do something you learned.  Later you will illustrate your essay with pictures or references to further information you find on the Internet.  Finally you will print your work as a Word document.


The essay will be at least 200 words and in three or four paragraphs:

  1. Explain in general about adventure training
  2. Explain in general your experience there
  3. Describe how someone else might do something you learned how to do there 
    1. Find on the Internet a website that shows pictures of what you are trying to explain
    2. Illustrate your work with 2 to 5 pictures from the Internet
    3. Attribute the photos and references (show exactly where you got them) 


Components in this assignment:

  1. Model paragraph (FIND the process markers in the process paragraphs)
    1. How to check your SCUBA equipment - Download sample Word document
    2. http://leo.stcloudstate.edu/acadwrite/process.html 
  2. Directions for how to proceed with this assignment - Download these directions
  3. A worksheet to help you write steps to your process and topic sentences - Download the worksheet 
  4. A template for formatting in Word (to be done Dec 18/19) - Download the instructions in Word
  5. Marking for this assignment 



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