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Week 1 Oct 30-Nov 3

Getting set up with Google Docs and HCT Network

and Paragraphs


Your week 1 paragraph

You wrote a paragraph about

  • Why are students so sleepy in English class
  • what are students interested in doing in classes
  • what will keep them awake?


Your work will be marked 

  • If you did it you can see your mark in your class link in the sidebar
  • If you didn't do it yet you need to do it right away 


Now we're going to do more work on paragraphs. A good paragraph has

  1. A topic sentence
  2. supporting details
  3. a conclusion


Your paragraph assignment for Nov 3


Write a GOOD PARAGRAPH on the topic of ...


Why are students so sleepy in classes?  What can teachers do that will WAKE THEM UP and keep them interested?


If you are in Google Docs you can write your paragraph there

If you are not in Google Docs, you can send it by email to



How your paragraph is marked

(10 points each):

  1. Submitted in Google Docs or emailed from your HCT email account
  2. Your paragraph has at least three sentences
  3. The first sentence is a topic sentence
  4. The second (third, etc) sentence is a supporting detail
  5. The last sentence is a final supporting detail or a conclusion
  6. Each sentence has a subject and verb
  7. The subject and verb agree and are in the correct verb tense 
  8. Grammar is essentially correct
  9. Spelling is correct and proper nouns (names of people and institutions) are capitalized
  10. The paragraph is indented, first words are capitalized, and full stops are used




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